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.: and every story I have told is part of me :.

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12 April
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and every story I have told
is part of me

This is the fanfic journal for Catie; aka catystorm. My usual rambles can be found at my personal journal, this is for fic only. Friending policy is that I will friend back anyone who friends this journal, although I doubt I will friends-lock much of anything. There be Adult Content ahead, please read responsibly.

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chasing the sun
hagane no samura
kansaki sou
sceptre of flamel
tobira no mukou e
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Welcome to my playground. I write mostly in the Fullmetal Alchemist universe, although I do occasionally dabble in other series. I tend to write a lot of fic scattered through many different and varied alternate universes, so it can be easy to lose track. Above is a list of the alternate universes I tend to write in the most frequently; clicking on the title will take you to all the fic tagged as such.